Have a clogged drain?  If you’re like many the first thing you will want to do is reach for the drain cleaner you purchased from your nearby hardware store or grocery store.  Before you open the bottle and pour it down your drain you may want to consider the harmful effects that drain cleaners can have.

1) Ingestion – many drain cleaners are made from very strong chemicals that can harm you if ingested.  The last thing you want to do is inhale their fumes or ingest it into your body in any other way.

2) Contact – because drain cleaners are mostly made of acids and other harsh chemicals, make sure you do not contact the chemicals with your skin and especially make sure you avoid getting any of the chemicals into your eyes.

3) Environmental – your drain leads to water ways and by placing harmful chemicals down your drain you are placing harmful chemicals into the environment.

4) Storagestoring harmful chemicals with other chemicals, especially acid based chemicals can lead to undesired results.  Be careful when storing drain cleaners with other cleaning and household products.  ALWAYS make sure these products are FAR from a child’s reach.


If you have a clogged drain, call  Good Land Plumbing and Construction at (805)968-2730 and we’ll be glad to help you unclog your drain the safe way.  Calling us could save you much more money and headache in the long run!


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