High Water Pressure – The silent killer

High Water Pressure – The silent killer

Most homeowners in Goleta and Santa Barbara get their water from municipal water agencies.  As such the water pressure is generally very reliable but strong. Most agencies deliver water to houses and businesses in the range of 100 to 200 pounds per square inch (psi).  If the […]

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Unclog a jammed garbage disposal | Santa Barbara

Garbage disposal not working?  Turn on the switch and nothing happens?  If this is the case, you most likely have a clogged or jammed garbage disposal.

A jammed garbage disposal may seem like it’s going to be a costly thing to fix, but the good news is that you can likely fix the issue yourself […]

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Drain Cleaners and Clogged Drains | Isla Vista

Have a clogged drain?  If you’re like many the first thing you will want to do is reach for the drain cleaner you purchased from your nearby hardware store or grocery store.  Before you open the bottle and pour it down your drain you may want to consider the harmful effects that drain cleaners […]

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Common items that will clog a drain | Santa Barbara

As a plumber, I see all kinds of things that have clogged drains.  Some of the most common things that will be sure to clog your drain and should not be either washed down the sink, even with a garbage disposal are:

Egg shells (1 or 2 are ok)

I often see people think that it’s […]

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