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Sewer Line Problems – What the heck is going on? | Goleta

Sewer Line Problems – What the heck is going on?


Your toilet is backing up, water won’t go down the tub or shower in the house, or black water is coming up in your tub or shower.  What does this mean? You probably have a sewer main line backup. Somewhere between a common point in […]

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High Water Pressure – The silent killer

High Water Pressure – The silent killer

Most homeowners in Goleta and Santa Barbara get their water from municipal water agencies.  As such the water pressure is generally very reliable but strong. Most agencies deliver water to houses and businesses in the range of 100 to 200 pounds per square inch (psi).  If the […]

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Toilet Warning Signs | Santa Barbara

When your toilet starts to make strange noises or things start to move slowly, you can ignore it or face the consequences which are often not very pleasant.

These are some of the most common toilet problems you may have:

Water Entering the Tank: Any water running noises coming from your toilet indicates that water […]

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